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FR clothing is necessary in a wide variety of situations in which people deal with fire. Whether you are a welder, a fireman or a fire spinner, you need fire retardant clothing to protect your safety. Purposes of Fire Retardant Clothes Fire retardant clothes are made necessary for the workers who are exposed to the work place hazardous situations, its benefits are: Fire retardant clothes protect workers against excessive heat or other hazardous situations faced by the worker according to the needs of the industry so it safeguards the workers life and health The fabric of these clothes is specially made so that it should not catch fire immediately so it resists against fire even if it catches fire, the process is very slow Fire retardant clothes protects body not to get heated immediately when exposed to heat In this hazardous situation, temperature of the surroundings increase no doubt but fire retardant clothes are designed to absorb the sweat and protect workers from any infection that can be caused by the sweat not absorbed Fire retardant clothes give workers enough time to run out of the danger place and reach to the safety zone Fire resistant clothes protect workers against hazardous situations thus decreases chances of burn injuries and increasing the chances of survival of the workers Introduction of the fire retardant clothes in the hazardous work place conditions provide awareness to the workers about the safety culture When workers feel that their lives are so important to their employers then they perform their duties whole heartedly and efficiently

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